Real Estate Law

In today’s economy, financial and real estate issues often intersect, which is why The Law Offices of Paul D’Alessandro LLC practices in the complementary areas of foreclosure defense and real estate law. We recognize that the New Jersey real estate market is full of investment opportunities for some while others are struggling with a distressed property. We represent both clients who are looking to take advantage of attractive mortgage rates and relatively low prices to invest in a new home or commercial property, as well as New Jersey property owners who are seeking solutions for dealing with real estate that has dropped in value or that they can no longer afford due to an unforeseen event, such as the loss of a job. In either instance, our approach centers around the client, focusing on the best and most cost-effective solution to their problem.

Our attorneys will outline the structure of your case and walk you through your entire transaction from start to finish. Our law firm is committed to achieving positive results

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